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Minecraft Rules

General Rules:

  • Ban appeal is only accepted within 3 days period from the banning date!

  • It is forbidden to boost your account by having others letting you have their stats/equipment or any other advantageable items (This rule depends on the game it self not the server, if the action is well known as boosting the player has no right to reject the action taken on him after this).

  • You must comply with full respect, this applies to voice speaking feature in LabyMod.

  • It is forbidden to use any form of cheating that gives you an advantage over other players.

  • It is forbidden to exploit any glitches that gives you preference over other players.

  • It is forbidden to use any (name, skin, scarf, tag LabyMod) that is immoral or symbolizes any racism or religion.

  • It is forbidden to post IPs or any kind of links.

  • We are not responsible for the loss of your account (Example: In case of sharing).

  • Requesting to Transfer your rank is not allowed.

  • Party Chat, Friend Chat, Guild Chat are not included in public chat policies.

  • Spamming with in chat more than 3 times or disturbing other players in the chat is not allowed.

  • Any kind of Discussions and Dialogues related to politics or religions or racism are prohibited.

  • It is forbidden to refund any purchased any digital item inside the server or via the store.

  • It is forbidden to buy anything related to the server outside the officially sites.

  • The staff team members have the authority to apply appropriate disciplinary measures to players, including warnings, temporary suspensions, permanent bans, or any other necessary actions.

  • The staff team members may exercise their judgment and apply punishment without providing specific evidence to the player in cases where it is deemed necessary to maintain the integrity and harmony of the server community. However, the staff team will strive to provide evidence and justification for the imposed punishment whenever possible, as part of our commitment to transparency and fairness. Players who believe they have been unfairly punished may submit an appeal or request a review of the disciplinary action through the Tickets The staff team will consider such appeals and reviews in a fair and impartial manner.

    The staff team will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the disciplinary actions taken are proportionate and consistent with the server rules and guidelines.

    This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the staff team, and any modifications will be communicated to the player community through appropriate channels.

If there are any glitches, please contact staff team as soon as possible.

Account Rules

Your account is your own responsibility and we cannot recover your account (in case of losing it). Avoid Sharing your account!. Sharing your password is your own responsibility, Anyone with your password might access the website or even in the server!.

*We would recommend to change your password every 3 months*

Cheat Scanner (Third party application)

  1. Kindly follow staff guiding in order to do the scan requirements (The guiding will be provided (on public chat only!)).
  2. You will be asked to install a third licensed party application that scans your pc looking for Cheats.
  3. You have all rights to reject the scanning process But You will get punished for it.
  4. Real life conditions such as: Poor connection, Bad Hardware devices are not acceptable to reject/cancel the scanning process.
  5. Deleting any files when you getting freezed is prohibited (It might lead to punishment if the result is shown)
  6. When not following the rules mentioned above the staff has the right to ban/punish your account!

Gems Rules

  • Joining on multiple accounts to transfer items, coins, or any other possible trading items that gives an unfair advantage, is not permitted.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any scams or trade-related issues.
  • Refunds are not available for items purchased with coins or credits.
  • You are solely responsible for any underpriced items you put up for sale in the bazaar or auction house.

Survival Games Rules

  • Max team 2 and ReTeaming is strictly prohibited
  • It is forbidden to choose names in the Custom Nick feature that are indecent or a symbol of any racism or religion.
  • Boosting is strictly prohibited

PvP Rules

  • Boosting is strictly prohibited

Guild Rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to use a name or tag that is immoral or symbolizes any racism or religion or violates the laws of the server The administration is not responsible for moving, deleting or modifying your Guild

Note: In case of violation of one of the above-mentioned rules, the founder of the Guild will be held accountable, and the penalty may reach deletion for the guild.

Last Update: Sep 18, 2023