Miniature Pets

Main lobby cosmetics

Baby Dragon80 SAR
Baby Dragon pet
Bombay cat40 SAR
Bombay pet
Boxer15 SAR
Boxer pet
British40 SAR
British pet
Cutie McPretty30 SAR
Cutie McPretty pet
Hazel40 SAR
Hazel pet
Imposters Family35 SAR
Imposters Family pet
Jackal50 SAR
Jackal pet
Minime70 SAR
Minime pet
Minion50 SAR
Minion pet


Personalize Pet20 SAR

Give your pet a personal touch by choosing a name and color

Legendary Pets

Blaze30 SAR
Blaze pet
Enderman30 SAR
Enderman pet
Endermite30 SAR
Endermite pet
Golem30 SAR
Golem pet
Horse: Black (Baby)30 SAR
Horse: Black (Baby) pet
Horse: White (Baby)30 SAR
Horse: White (Baby) pet
Magma Cube (Big)30 SAR
Magma Cube (Big) pet
Mushroom Cow (Baby)30 SAR
Mushroom Cow (Baby) pet
Pig Zombie (Baby)30 SAR
Pig Zombie (Baby) pet
Powered Creeper30 SAR
Powered Creeper pet

Epic Pets

Bat20 SAR
Bat pet
Creeper20 SAR
Creeper pet
Donkey (Baby)20 SAR
Donkey (Baby) pet
Green Little Helper20 SAR
Green Little Helper pet
Horse: Black20 SAR
Horse: Black pet
Horse: Chestnut (Baby)20 SAR
Horse: Chestnut (Baby) pet
Horse: Creamy (Baby)20 SAR
Horse: Creamy (Baby) pet
Horse: Dark Brown (Baby)20 SAR
Horse: Dark Brown (Baby) pet
Horse: Gray (Baby)20 SAR
Horse: Gray (Baby) pet
Horse: White20 SAR
Horse: White pet

Common and Rare pets

All Common pets20 SAR
All Rare pets40 SAR